A man from Uganda once said he felt sorry for us in the West. So much to ‘want’, so complicated. This man came from a country at war. With child soldiers, disease and little food. And yet he felt sorry for us in Australia.

It made me think. And I thought “he’s right’. The thing about having nothing is that things are forced to be simple. It is life and death. The focus is on surviving not being comfortable.

We are often so busy being comfortable and distracted with our technology and entertainment, that we rarely stop to think about what is important. And at the end of our lives, that is what we will be thinking about. Not our technology or how many episodes of ‘The Office’ that we saw.

It is the simple things that are important. That man from Uganda saw all the waste. He saw the strength of our desires for more and he felt compassion for us. He saw the value of living simply and chose a country at war instead of a culture of more.