Driving the same old road can be a little dull. Over the past twelve years I have seen hundreds of signs nailed around the ‘billy’ bends. They are snippets of life. They are tearful farewells, excited “Hello”s, stupid ‘bag-outs’, or strange clues that only the ‘in’ crowd would really get.

I have always though it should be documented. It is a fascinating glimpse into our local life. A brave and time rich person has done just that. It is fun to guess what people are trying to say to each other. For example, this week there has been something like “Nanna and Pop, the kids will miss you”. Meaning we won’t though or the kids really like their grandparents.

For those living past those infamous bends, it is always good to know that you will always be entertained either heading out of town or back home.

see roundthebends.com for updates on our beloved signs!