When you go shopping for your child’s first School shoes, there’s one thing you need to be aware of. New shoes rub the wrong way, they need breaking in, they are a little uncomfortable at first. As you wear them, however, they become a part of you.

Now, I know that you know this. One part of the new shoes phenomenon I wasn’t completely aware of was that the mother gets new shoes too. The old shoes have lost their sole, they have holes and scuffs. It is time to try on the new ‘school shoes’.

A mother’s school shoes may rub a little raw at first. They may feel uncomfortable and foreign. They may get you a little lost. You may feel a little naked or worried about the pain but hang in there. Soon they become so comfortable you may not want to take them off for the holidays.

Now it is time to let the old shoes go. They were faithful companions but move on, don’t get stuck in the past. Get excited about the new phase of footwear. Imagine the mountains you could climb with this grip! The space is incredible but watch out that it doesn’t trip you up.