Motherhood has been compared to juggling. It’s really like you’re flying, rushing, the heart is pumping; a great workout. You’re listening to requests, processing them, organising events, cooking ‘delicious’ and varied food, you’re teaching, guiding, modelling, dancing, singing, listening, doing, shopping, creating and showing your four year old how to do cartwheels; if only you had your flexibility back.

Jumping on a trampoline has its challenges. The cracking of the neck and jarring of the back gives away your fading youth. You battle guilt and fear and self esteem issues. “Am I doing the right thing in this moment?” Your head is filled with ‘to do’ lists that feel endless. Your house is constantly messy, bordering on unhealthy and every time you clean one room, the next is being destroyed.

You are under-appreciated, over-worked and over it all. The rest of society sees a mother’s job as cruisy, easy and an pleasant excuse not to work. As mums we know the sacrifices we make to create a happy and healthy family. And it’s worth it. It’s all about seasons. We will have our day in the sun.

When our kids are little, our heads feel like they’re going to explode and our bodies don’t keep up. The dawn is coming and all the work we put into our little apprentices will pay off and one day they will be changing our nappies, wiping our mouths and telling us stories. And we’ll be pushed around in our chairs on wheels. Why is that such a depressing thought? Seize the day!!!!