I’m a fly on the wall today. Kids sitting around the table talking about growing up. They don’t want to leave their toys or their trampoline. Their little worry lines are so sincere.

The conversation continues to broken bottoms and how these things get fixed and then on to biscuits. The mind of a small child must race. Cherry tomatoes are next on the agenda. And now negotiating a new reward system. In the quest for MORE,  they are trying to find a new way to get new toys.

They continue to manners; talking with food in your mouth is allowed if you have a stuffed up nose. But for the rest of life, zip those lips!

Now onto a song: “He’s not heavy, he’s my brother.” Little miss is organising the music. The muscles have come out! How strong is she? “Daddy is being funny.” Little miss is learning the existence of man boobies. Father says “Don’t blog about that!” Too late! Flies see all.