Simple eyes see everything. They see right and wrong, fear and love. Those eyes will read faces, they don’t even have to be told. Kind eyes are met with a smile and deep knowledge that they are loved.

Angry eyes equal fear, rebellion and confusion. Their world is up-side-down. They see injustice and favouritism. Eyes smell love. They look through your transparent windows and see whether you really mean what you say.

Small eyes see sparkles of fun.  They register all expressions they see and they create a reality for themselves simply by what they read.  Sometimes their vision is clouded in confusion, sometimes coloured  pink with the false assumption that ‘grown ups’ know all and are all good.

Those eyes, how we long to have them once we are grown. We long for the simplicity, the trust, the honesty. If only ‘they’ made kid glasses, so that just for a minute, we could all see as they see.