Why doesn’t someone write about the boring details of a person’s day? For example:

Today I woke up, rolled out of bed and greeted my kids. My hair was fluffed and my mood was average (meaning neither here nor there). I snuggled about with my daughter on the lounge asking “What did you dream about last night?”

My son then asked me to watch him do something or other and all I wanted was a coffee and some cereal. I turned on my ipod to check the mail and the news. What did I miss out on last night? I walked to the pantry, removed the cereal box, feeling sad that the packet was nearly done. Why are unhealthy-ish cereals all I want?

I slowly poured the cereal into my medium bowl, trying not to overshoot my appetite. I timed the milk pouring carefully to reduce the sloppiness factor.  I sat on the lounge (my favourite place to eat) and relaxed, alternating coffee and cereal.

I then, ate, drank, digested and heaved myself off my dangerously comfortable lounge. I jumped into my flight suit and warmed up the x-wing. I prepared R-2 for the flight making sure his damaged viewfinder was fixed from our last battle.

My goggles fitted, I boarded the ship and keyed in my co-ordinates. Now for doctor Evil.