Strangers are funny people. We all are. When shopping, especially on your own, what are the rules for polite interaction with others at your local Coles, Woolies or Bi-lo…?

1. When passing another shopper (especially a fellow mother) share a smile.

2. When passing the same shopper continuously down the next few aisles, your smile can grow into a nod or a stifled laugh (acknowledging that this interaction will be repeated in the next aisle)

3. When the same shopper has passed you three times, you have earned the right to look closely at a grocery item, allowing the fellow shopper to pass by unacknowledged.

4. When spotting a small, elderly person looking up, kindly offer to reach to the top shelf for them.

5. When a child has a tantrum, do not stare down the parent/guardian, calmly look the other way and get on with your shopping.

6. If someone is blocking your way with their body on one side and their trolley on the other, clear your throat and mutter in a semi-audible fashion “excuse me”. If they are deaf or move their trolley 1/2 inch, you then have the right to move their trolley for them.

7. When a woman is trying to decide on the best feminine hygiene product, kindly look away and let her choose, otherwise you will leave her flustered and with the wrong product (wings, ladies wings!)

8. If you spot a celebrity doing their weekly food hunt, do not make eye contact or point to them, saying in a loud voice “Look, Martha, it’s ………….!”

9. If you are racing someone to the same checkout, do the math. If you’re closer, it’s yours. If it is close, then have a bit of grace and give it to the other person.

10. Finally, be smart with who you choose to pack your shopping. Know your checkout people. Do not go to the one who hates kids, or packs the eggs at the bottom or talks impossibly quiet, it only causes feelings of in-etiquette.

*Please share your top etiquette tips!