‘Good’ is a dangerous word. It can often give someone the false sense that they are clean and others are dirty. If they follow the rules then they are ok.

‘Good’ is a cringe-worthy word. Images of men with bow ties, girls with floral dresses, with knees together, false smiles and manners.

‘Good’ is an impossible word. It may look ‘good’ on the outside but often it is a mask that hides desperate secrets.

‘Good’ lacks character. It stunts independent thought and personality. It is typecasting, placing people into a manageable box.

‘Good’ means control. Rules are important. But ‘good’ is controlling when certain behaviour is more desirable than learning by mistakes. There is no room for failure in this version of ‘good’.

So, girls, ladies, humanity, don’t be good, just be broken and kind-hearted and know that you’ll never BE good. Rather, enjoy the ride of life; failing and trying and succeeding. Burn the floral garments and the stuffy bow ties (unless you’re truly into that) and set your spirit free to be who you are!