Need to strreeetttcchh those dollars further? Well, these may help…

1. For all the movie freaks out there if you haven’t heard of $2 Tuesday at your local video rental shop (is that what we call them now?) then you are missing out! All movies $2 on a TUESDAY… be there!

2. For serious new release movie lovers there are now dvd vending machines that rent you one for $2.95. These machines usually live next to Coles or Woolies. But, as always, get them back on time or you will have to pay!

3. Shop for your next outfit at the END of each season. It is a lesson in patience, people, but imagine your delight next summer, when you have all these new clothes at a fraction of the regular price.

4. Buy presents (especially for the kids) in advance. My husband laughs at my long-term planning of presents but nothing beats the looks on my kids faces when they have all these amazing presents to open.

5. Mid-year toy sales are the BEST! Think 50% off your kid’s favourite toy!

6. Don’t be afraid to hit the op shops. It does not mean you have hit rock bottom. I have found ‘Polly Pocket’, ‘Littlest Petshop’, ‘Star Wars’ books, games, (up to a certain age, they don’t need to know where you buy them from) clothes, Sass and Bide jeans (Avalon) and Prada bags ($5 – not sure if it was genuine though).

7. Join your local ‘Freecycle’ group where people give away furniture, tvs, kid’s toys, appliances etc FOR FREE!!!

8. Check out to swap books you no longer want and find books you want to read. All you pay for is postage.

9. Garage sales. The obvious one but some people really go to town on this one. I have heard of people approaching the garage sale hosts THE NIGHT BEFORE to check out the collection. Or others who turn up at 6am on sale day before the thing has even started. Keen beans!

10. Make your own cereal. Buy various ingredients in bulk and assemble yourself. Just make sure the ratio of chewy to crunchy and fruit to cereal is precise otherwise you may be left with a sore jaw.

11. BLOG! Apparently that can pay some bills.

12. The key to all tight-arsedness is patience and being an opportunist.

*Remember ultimately, money may make the world go ’round but there is something adventurous about stretching out the mighty dollar. It’s a ride, a treasure hunt! Enjoy…