What ever happened to Fat Cat and Friends? Does anyone know? I’m happy to report that regional tv stations still have  the dog that says “goodnight” to children at eight o’clock every night. Good to see that some things don’t change.

What ever happened to Alf? I am very happy to see the puppet with ‘attitude’ back on the tv. We missed you Alf! The wussy dad, the darling wife, the ‘good’ teenage girl and the cute little boy was a must-see in our household.

What ever happened to Inspector Gadget?  Why was he so dumb and why did he get all the credit? Poor Brain lost out big time! I always dreamed of having my own personal helicopter in my hat.

What ever happened to ‘You Can’t do that on Television’. I guess it really lived up to its name. Gone! At least it gave us Alanis Morissette. Thank you Y.C.D.T.O.T.

What ever happened to ‘The Banana Splits’? – “La la la, la lala la, la la la la la la lala”. That is honestly all i remember… oh and a lion in a golf buggy!?

What ever happened to Peter Russell-Clarke? He was one of the first celebrity chefs and he just loved his cheese. He was sandwiched somewhere  between Bananaman and Dr Who, early evening. I just loved his beard.

What ever happened to the brat pack? Poor brat pack. RIP Corey Haim. Sad news for all us 80s girls. We loved you Corey!!!!! Don’t take drugs B.P, simple as that!!!!

To all the memories – the clothes, games, food, television, movies and stuff – we say “thank you” to the decade of decadence, 1980’s, may you bop in peace.