I love conspiracy theories. Life just seems so routine, so placid and ‘normal’. So it makes sense that there are many things we do not know about. Fascinating!

For example, today it was reported that a village in France was the setting of a LSD experiment by the CIA at the height of the Cold War! People were drugged and pretty much the whole town went crazy. An 11 year old tried to strangle his granny and people committed suicide and had hallucinations. Freaky stuff.

When we were in Egypt we were told by our tour guide that there is a section of the country that is guarded by Muslim extremists. He said that if we think the Pyramids and The Valley of  the Kings are impressive, then there is more important stuff to be found in that section of Egypt. What are they hiding? Why can’t people pass through? Fascinating!

There has to be more than meets the eye. Think cover ups, power struggles, lies, oil, manipulation. I guess history is recorded from one point of view rather than fact.  If only we knew… would we be shocked? Disgusted? Or do we know deep down that the world we see is only the surface of what’s really happening and that’s all we want to know! Ignorance is bliss.