Is it true that when you crack your toes you’ll get arthritis?

Is it true that Vicks on your feet stops a cold?

Is it true that ticks don’t like vaseline, they simply suffocate and drop off?

Is is true that the more you ask a person about themselves, the more interesting and likable you appear? Is that kind of self-serving? Shouldn’t you just be interested in them anyway?

Is it true that washing your hair with egg is good for it? Doesn’t it just cook in the warm shower? How do you get the egg bits out?

Is it true that sunscreen is bad for you? What is worse skin cancer or sunscreen? What is better for my kids? Pure sunlight or chemical-ridden sunscreen? And why are the healthy, non-toxic products so expensive. Can you only be healthy when you can afford it?

Is it true that one glass of red wine per night is good for you and chocolate is too?

Is it true that the the world is melting? Is that so unusual or just the way the world has ever been? Why can’t they patch up the hole in the ozone layer? Our kids are going to fry!

Is it true that women on the pill live longer? Is it just that they have less kids to drive them to the early grave? (no offense kids, we love you! but somedays…)

Is it true that butter is actually better for you than margarine? Or is it so full of saturated fats that your poor heart can’t handle it?

Is it true that blondes have more fun?

Is it true that the grass is always greener on the other side? What if you’re just happy with your khaki grass? Does it matter anyway?

Is it true that no one really knows and that’s ok?