Fun things to do with no money…

Hide in the bushes at Mrs Macquarie’s chair (is that right?) and watch the big screen movies with an ear horn.

Go to the beach, it’s free! (except if you don’t have parking sticker, then you have to fork out some dosh just to park-a-tha-car. Otherwise find a spot far far away and walk… FREE exercise!)

Swap dvds with your friends. You’d be surprised how many and how varied they are!

Window shop. I know, it may be torture but if you go with a good attitude, a bit of a ‘pretty woman’ vibe, then it’s sure to be a good time, even if it’s only a pipe dream. Ah.

Swing in a hammock with a good book. Those dusty books keep staring at you pleading “read me!”. Add a glass of cold lime cordial and some chocolate and you’re there!

Draw, write, create something out of things around the house. Surely everyone has some old paint around and a piece of wood or cardboard (or is that just our house?)

Teach yourself to knit, crochet, fold paper into various animals, twist balloons into various animals… love that internet!

Sharpen your knives, rearrange your house, paint a wall, have a sleep, garden, hang with funny people, borrow a puppy from the local pet shop, do a handstand (hear those old bones crack – not like they used to be – sad!), cook a cake and eat it (not all of it that would just be gluttony), go for a walk, skip, hop, run (are you kidding me?).

Don’t worry about money. Just be creative and remember that there’s a whole world out there with fun free stuff!!!