Why are we in the city so mad?

Angry bike riders who are angry with angry car drivers angry with cyclists.

Impatient shop keepers annoyed with small children having tantrums making other shoppers mad and their parents sad, humiliated, making them mad with people who get mad at their tantrum wielding kids.

Frustrated workers mad at their dead end jobs and bosses who don’t care, who get mad at their employees when they are frustrated. MADNESS

Walkers who get outdoors to escape the confines of depressing houses getting mad with angry dogs and careless owners, threatening to sue unless their mad dog is leashed and looked after.

Mad kids making other kids angry or sad because their parents are mad with them for not being the perfect child. Parents mad with imperfect child for being mad at other children who then take on the anger and put it onto someone else.

We all have the right, the justification to be mad but what if we had perspective… dream with me…

Cyclists sharing their beverages with sweaty car drivers, shop keepers who give small children a lollipop and their parents a free chocolate to help lighten the load, workers who love their job and do it well with a smile and respect for their fantastic bosses, proud of a happy workforce, walkers who carry dog toys to pacify rowdy dogs in parks and owners of dogs that take such feisty animals to obedience school, children who look after each other in the playground, who share toys and are loved at home… a world where justification of anger and temper doesn’t exist (cue song What a Wonderful World).

What a wonderful world!