Today I am battling with my lovely daughter over food. Ridiculous! Incredibly frustrating. It is ridiculous to have to convince a small child to eat food. It just makes me want to call a “time out!” for myself and perhaps that’s what I should do. Picture this…

Little girl at the table asks for certain food then refuses to eat it or takes an hour to finish one bowl of yummy, fruity cereal. Mother starts blowing steam out of ears as she watches the clock, awaiting the time when enough is enough. The face grows red, sweat pours from armpits, palms and even drips off the nose. The heart rate picks up and everyone takes cover for an explosion of spit and puffs of verbal smoke.

But… not this time! Mother goes to time out. Not kicking and screaming as her young daughter would do, but with a good book, a cup of tea and yes, maybe even some chocolate! Soothes the soul. Meanwhile, the lovely little girl is left to ponder her bowl and decide what to do herself.

Mother returns 32 minutes later (one minute for each year of life). Her face has returned to browny-yellow and her armpits have dried. Her face is pleasant and she faces her daughter with a smile. “Time to go.” Food goes in bin, child gets dressed, knowing that there will be no yummy, sugary morning tea today.

Arrrrgh. The politics of motherhood. It’s not rocket science. But some days, some times, the little things, the constant battles light the wick and off I go! Time out sounds great!