Today my daughter sweetly suggested that I blog about her favourite animal, the duck!

It is interesting to note, that the male duck is better looking that the female. Curious! With his shiny, green feathers and casual strut, I think he must know that he has it over the females. Poor lady ducks, having to put up with the brownest of feathers and the flattest of feet. Oh and that strut! Please! I think that arrogant walk they can do without.

Ducks live near ponds and large waterways apparently. I do not like duck poo and honestly a “quack” just sounds silly. They sound like they are complaining about stuff. Honestly, you’re a duck. What do you have to worry about?

Well, I think that my duck knowledge is exhausted and that I have fulfilled my promise to my shiny little girl. I must say that ducklings are the stars, though, when it comes to the duck world. But isn’t that the case with humans? The younger you are, the better you have it? Hmmmm food for thought (and I’m not talking stale bread!).

Farewell, until tomorrow, faithful blog readers! Don’t go ‘quackers’ before then, and when you visit the doctor make sure he’s not a ‘quack’, and if a ball is thrown towards your head, don’t forget to ‘duck’. (That’ll do pig, that’ll do!)