You know those days when everything seems to be going to the ‘dogs’? When the world seems to be falling down? Remember September 11, when we though it was the end of our way of life and we were heading into a war that would change our lives forever?

You know those days when you flick channels when a ‘World Vision’ ad comes on or you see more stories on the news about road side bombs and earthquakes? Remember the feeling of helplessness when you see images of toddlers in third world countries with inflated stomachs and no food, no water, no smiles?

You know the feeling of guilt that you push down, for being born in a peaceful, hygienic, wealthy society, where you have every opportunity to earn money and have shelter and food and entertainment?

These struggles are common to the western ‘everyman’! The inequality and stupidity of this world is so staggering that we switch off! What can we do? Now, this is not an ad but I have recently discovered Micah Challenge that shows people that they have a voice, speaking out against poverty and holding our Government accountable for promises they have made to close the gap! Check it out! or if you’re not religiously inclined,!

We have voice!!!! Let’s use it, stop feeling overwhelmed or guilty! Stand up for the little people and make a difference! Here endeth the lesson!