My son’s favourite teacher at pre school was Vanessa! She was soft, gentle, compassionate and loved him and he looked up to her. She was his safety blanket, his biggest fan!

He now has a new ‘Vanessa’, his kindergarten teacher, who is a little more stretched than Vanessa but still, she has filled her shoes nicely.

As we grow up, we lose touch with our ‘Vanessas’. It seems like we grow out of the need for a fan club with constant affirmation. But deep down, most of us yearn for that. Some one whose eyes will light up when we enter a room. Some one to whom we are important. We are loved just because we are who we are and nothing else.

I have a few ‘Vanessas’. I don’t think there is one person that can cover all our needs. One friend will always agree with me, blinded by loyalty. Another friend I go to when I need an honest (even difficult) answer. Another is incredibly wise, another laughs at all my terrible jokes. And I have a bunch of friends, not so close, but see me through a rose-coloured glow. They may not know my darkest moments or faults but once in a while, it’s nice to be with people who think the world of you.

So, with the fan club filled (thanks gals), it’s such a pleasure to be someone else’s ‘Vanessa’. Walk the walk with them and be there when they crash and burn, always choosing to see the good in them! That’s fulfilling too!

So find yourself a ‘Vanessa’ if you don’t have one. You will be rich indeed.