So, today I am experiencing the modern phenomenon of blog block. I know it is important to write everyday, so here I am. Blog block starts with the daunting ‘New Post’ screen. It stares at you with its dark, cynical glare saying “oh yeah! Got something good for me today, do ya?” You sheepishly squeak back “Uh huh! I think so”.

The mind goes blank. Think of the blog theme, something that people will find amusing or informative. Think of a heading that will capture attention of facebookers, twitterers, googlers, yahooists and the like. And then tags! What are they? Random words to get you more views? I feel lost in the blogosphere sometimes which inevitably leads to blog block.

I can think of funny stories from my past. For example, do you know I once smiled at my own reflection, that I fell down the stairs in Rome (very exotic) or that I accidentally punched a teammate in the face while playing volleyball (I’m not violent I swear).

Perhaps I’ll go deep and look at the world. I’ll talk about motherhood issues (permissive vs controlling – where is the middle ground?), or I’ll lament about past failures and the hope for dreams to come true.

I could be funny, silly or quirky. Sometimes it works you know! I could be the clown blog, you know, the writer mum who says the unspeakable. She talks about vomits, farts, hairy noses or bottom cracks (well some one has to!).

I could mix it up. People get bored you know, especially on the internet. So many options, so little time (or so they say). So I sit on my bed, laptop on pillow or in my office at an official desk, thinking up new themes, ideas, observations and such to show off my obvious writing talent (ha ha!) and one day make a pretty penny from the virtual ‘pen’.

So, please pardon my blog block for today. Normal service will resume tomorrow. I just have to blog, even if it means unblocking a blog block by blogging about blocks!