To all those mothers out there, do you remember the brain of your youth? Razor sharp and uncluttered, it was. There are moments post-kids when I think I must be losing my mind, only to find it again in a worse condition.

Words, I love them but sometimes they escape me, often at crucial times. I can sit and write and thanks to, my words actually make sense. But in conversations, where I am fishing for words I often look to heaven for help and come crashing down with an embarrassed laugh and that’s when I blame it on our old friend ‘baby brain’.

Baby brain is a mother’s worst enemy. It feeds on hours of lost sleep, heads full of ‘to dos’ and the tugs of small children on time. It is quite simply ‘overload’. A warning light is flashing in our brains saying “system overload”!  How will our faithful heroines escape this time? Will they push through the afternoon tantrums and whinging demands? Will their brains explode? Find out next time on ‘Brains gone bad’.

The antidote to a baby brain is distraction. Like a kid, we need to point out the ‘pretty’ things to give the poor thing a rest from the mundane, overwhelming, busyness of our brained existence. “Look over here brain, a flower, oooh a there isn’t that a sparkly stream? Come on a restful journey into the simple, pretty and inconsequential. Then you can rest, recover and be useful once more.”

Then, the brain recovers and it is once again brain o’clock. All systems ‘GO’! Back into Busyland, where the thinking never stops.