Before embarking on a new career, you must get yourself a career kit. This happily includes:

* Clothes – a MUST for a new career, especially if you have been at home with little ones. It is time to balance cargo pants, t-shirts and sun dresses with suit pants, cute waistcoats and low, sensible heels. It is a good excuse to hit the shops and reinvent yourself.

* Hair cut – It shouldn’t matter but it does. First impressions are important, so get yourself a decent hair cut. Once again, an excuse for reinvention.

* Self-esteem – You cannot go into an interview feeling like a ‘loser’ (on the surface anyway). Get around people that build you up. Fish for compliments just before the big interview and you will glow with confidence.

* Study – If the old skills are a bit on the rusty side, do a bit of research. The internet is a jolly contraption. Gotta love it! You no longer have to go to night school, teach yourself and update your skills from the privacy of your own home.

* Interview bag – now you want to appear on top of things so here’s what you may or may not need for the BIG day: Pen (with a lid), notebook, lip gloss, work examples, tic tacs (fresh breath is a must!), small water bottle, phone and information (just in case they offer you a job there and then! Lucky monkey!)

* Entertainment – This is for before the interview. If you are keen, you will arrive SUPER early for the interview. To settle the nerves I recommend that you bring an ipod, mobile phone, book, newspaper, ANYTHING to distract those pesky butterflies.

* Philosophical outlook – It’s all about attitude. If you roll with the rejections and persevere, you will eventually get where you want  to be! See job seeking as a ride, a game (a serious one but still) and don’t take rejection to heart. Knock on the door and if it is locked go to the next one!

It’s a competitive world out there. Don’t just stand on the sidelines. Get involved. Get dirty, get bruised but try and dream and go for it! Who knows where you will end up!!