It’s nice to be wacko sometimes. A crazy day. You may fling your hands towards the sky and scream, yell or SING your lungs out. You don’t care who is watching. You may skip or cartwheel through a mall on a Saturday morning. Imagine the looks! Cool. Imagine the possible slapstick moments! Cooler. Just don’t wear a dress. Or tuck your skirt into your knickers then you’ll be right.

How fun to be silly. Do a prank call on your mum, dad or sibling. Just make sure it’s funny, don’t scare them. Play extreme ‘boo’ with your kids, if you have them. Hide around a corner, be patient, and when the little one skips by, yell “BOO”! They will either love you or hate you for this! Make a mess; eat half a cake and cook the other half. Ice with really fattening icing and lollies.

Wear clothing backwards and in-side-out. Or go to the toilet at a restaurant and come out with a long line of toilet paper flowing from your pants. Pretend you didn’t notice. The joke is on them! Talk really quietly all day. When people ask you to speak up, turn the volume down a notch.

Walk up to a stranger in a shop and pretend you know them. Start talking about their families and how much you have missed them. Go fishing at a wishing well. You know the ones at shopping centres? Buy a dead fish from the local fish shop and pretend you caught a live one. Who knows who will join you?

Go for a walk backwards. Preferably with a friend and pretend that it is the norm! You could even try a jog. People will think they are losing their minds! Take photos of your elbows, knees, ears, fingers and toes, blow up the photos and call them art. Have an exhibition at your local art gallery.

To be wacko is to be free. But please limit it to one day a year, be nice and remember if your wackiness causes harm, discontinue immediately or see a doctor (the kind that comes with a free jacket).