My dear Robin Williams,

Thank you for your feedback on Australia. We are sorry if we offended you with our red necks. Unlike your country ‘red neck’ in Australia just means that you have been in the sun too long. Perhaps you experienced too much sun also?

We are aware that our citizens have been invading Hollywood land, your home town and for that we also apologise. We have tried so hard not to step on your toes and we have failed dismally. We just cannot help producing such incredible talent.

As for your comments about our Animals, yes they are weird. I’m sorry you couldn’t find anything more intelligent to mock than our beautiful wildlife. If you are scared of our animals, next time feel free to fly on to New Zealand where no snakeys can hurt you! I apologise for the high cute factor of our Kangaroos, Koalas, Bandicoots, Possums and Platypus. We’re sorry that our animals put yours to shame. We are not a nation that takes pride in boasting.

Your imitation of our accent was darling, Robin Williams. It was a good try. We appreciate your effort to encourage other Americans to visit our beautiful shores. Please do not feel obligated in the future.

Thank you Robin Williams for loving our country as much as we do and pointing out to the rest of the world, how unique, sunny, fun and amazing our Australia really is. It truly rocks, Robin Williams.

Yours sincerely,