There are 5 simple ways you can kick writer’s block.

1. Take a break. When not charging towards a deadline, take a break. Eat some chocolate, have a coffee, watch some mindless tv, go for a walk. Do cartwheels, read a funny book (light and fluffy is the order of the day). Ring a friend, read the paper for inspiration. Do it tomorrow. Breathe.

2. Write something else; a story that has been brewing in your mind, an expose, a really bad poem, a love song, a children’s story about a balloon that longs to be inflated, anything really.

3. If the pressure is on to meet a deadline, persevere. Stand up, shake off the negativity (literally) and get yourself a reward. You cannot have said reward until you have completed the next paragraph / chapter. Make it a great reward, for example, food, a fancy drink, a ten minute break or laughter.

4. Surf the net. Find inspiration in photographs, music, funny youtube videos. Write some music on garageband or similar. Draw a picture, play a game, distract your mind, refresh it!

5. Talk to yourself. Sounds a bit weird but make sure all the blinds are closed and the double glazed windows are completely sealed and off you go. Speak out what you’re trying to say. Sing it out, shout it if you need to. Get out the feelings of grrrrr and make it fun.

And at the end of the day, remember that you write because you love it. If there’s no more love in it, then let it go for a while. As someone said, if you really love it, let it go, and it will return to you in time.