The Waltz– Poetry. Slow, proper writing, that shows off your sophisticated side. Waltzing words love rules. They are particular.

Tap – These words come in the form of a letter. But not just any old letter, one that has been written on a typewriter. Words that have punch, not one word wasted.

Hula – Lazy, hazy days. You’re on holidays, writing is economical. The words paint, they illustrate, rather than tell. They are beautiful and soulful.

Hip Hop – Obviously, these words must have attitude. They live in a jargon-filled world. Words of the street, violent, defensive but proactive. They “fight the powers that be”.

Line Dancing – These words follow a pattern. They work together in harmony to bring order. They are synchronised. Their power is in their unity. These too could be poetry.

Salsa – Sultry, seductive words, dripping with innuendo. They are written precisely, deliberately, with hidden meaning.

Free form – Words that flow from the pen or keyboard onto a page. Spelling, grammar, punctuation are discarded. The writer’s heart is poured onto the page without thought of audience or direction. It is strange and moving.