Charlie Chaplin Slapstick man

Classic Politically Incorrect Comedy

Slapstick is my favourite form of ‘funny’. Oh the laughs we have shared. The term ‘slapstick’, according to, comes from a bat that was used to make a ‘whack’ sound. When the actor was hit with this prop, the noise made the hit seem worse than it really was. This was one of the earliest forms of special effects. Fascinating.

That is what makes slapstick so funny. If people are actually hurt during the performance, then it would be immoral to laugh. But slapstick gives us the freedom to laugh at people hurting themselves, knowing full well that they’re not really in any danger.

One variant on the slapstick genre toys with the immoral side. You shouldn’t laugh, you don’t want to laugh, but there you are laughing. It is when real people are being used for comedy such as in Borat or The Chaser’s War on Everything that the ethical line becomes blurry. There was a scene on The Chaser where they were talking about discrimination in the community against people who wore wearing balaclavas. They walked into various shops wearing ski masks and people freaked out. One lady hid under a desk, another ran to the safety of a cage at the back of the store. I’m sorry, but I could not stop laughing. (My mother on the other hand was appalled.).

There is the humour of Steve Coogan, where he sets up a fictional reality. You think they are real people being taken for a ride, but actually (phew) they are all actors. Still, it is painful to watch.

Alan Partridge "A HA"

Oh how I have fallen in love with politically incorrect humour: Arrested Development is particularly naughty. This television series messes with the ridiculously rich and makes you feel like your family is normal in comparison. They say the unspeakable and do the unthinkable.

I like to ride on the wild side of comedy. I like the controversial, the bravado, the insanity of it all. I do have my limits. I don’t like seeing people hurt or embarrassed unless it is really, really funny and the funny overwhelms my conscience.

Thank you slapstick. Thank you slightly immoral comedy. Thank you politically incorrect humour. You funny up my life.