This is a film review for Date Night!

On the run

Panic sets in

My husband and I hopped in the ute and headed to the Wollongong cinema. We bounced along the new expressway and in ten minutes, we had arrived. I had to visit the ladies room which hasn’t changed in thirty years. Ah the memories of visiting this here room with my granny. I swear the seats have not changed in that time either. It was difficult to choose a good one. The ‘deed’ was soon done and I headed out. It was a quiet night at the old Hoyts. And it was interesting to see that there were few people out on a date night to see Date Night. The cinema goers were mostly older couples on a group date. Is that what you do when the kids leave home?

The screen was small at first as usual, we were worried that being a regional city, the screen would stay that way. But no, after the ads, the curtain moved and stretched the screen to the appropiate width. Phew! Previews, late comers, lights down, opening credits, Maltesers.

Fey, Carell and Wahlberg GOLD

Fey, Carell and Wahlberg GOLD

I love Tina Fey and Steve Carrell but I was feeling a little nervous. What if my old favs let me down. What if I had to force laughs just to enjoy it? So much hype, so much hope. And here’s the review:

Date Night is about marriage. We meet Claire (Fey) and Phil (Carell) Foster, a couple of working parents, living in the ‘burbs of New Jersey. They are comfortable, too comfortable. Their marriage has lost its zing. Like so many long-term relationships, their love has become routine. Once a week they head out on a date night to the same place, order the same food and play the same games. They have their standard jokes which are funny but once again, routine.

One sad night shakes them out of their hum-drumity and they wake up. They have “seen the light”. The Fosters get proactive, Claire puts on a dress, Phil makes a wild suggestion and they head to the city and that’s when things get interesting.

I won’t tell you what happens. And be warned, do not watch the preview, I’m talking eyes squeezed shut, fingers in ears and hum! It is so frustrating that the best jokes are shown in the preview.

Nevertheless, this is a entirely enjoyable fluffy movie. It is not always laugh out loud funny, but the characters, action and storyline make it a keeper. Despite some unbelievable coincidences, this is a great movie.  I just love this couple. I love their relationship and I found myself getting excited for them as they found adventure, even if it was dangerous. This is a great one for a date night. It ticks all the boxes for both genders, a bit of love, a bit of adventure, guns, comedy, and family values.

And in the middle of all this is a positive message about the importance of sticking at relationships even when they get boring. It shows there is hope for the average person to make their own adventure if they step out of the comfortable. A totally satisfying movie. We love you Tina, we love you Steve!