Everyone has their snap point. Whether you’re the cruisy dude, barefoot, long haired walking around a coastal town without a care in the world. Wait until someone makes you care.

Or a mother with a nanny, a part time job, exercise regime and everything at your perfectly manicured fingertips. You too, have your breaking point.

Could it be that the ever patient preschool teacher who seems endlessly loving and passionate, lose the spark and fall flat?

Snap, crackle, POP! Basically, we are all wired the same but at different speeds. There is the intense, bulldozer snapologist who is an expert at the art of snappage. Or the overworked, under-appreciated single mum without any help who is constantly fighting guilt and exhaustion. She knows all about breaking points.

There are inbuilt buttons in everyone that if pressed will trigger a series of blasts that ultimately end in a POP! Head explosion, steam out of ears, last straw stuff.  So whether you be a short fuse type or a simmering boil, pop person, just remember that you are entitled to a couple of moments of ‘snap’. Just don’t direct them my way!!