Sometimes, when I’m feeling a bit thin on blog ideas, I write a topic line and try and find something to match it, like ‘Legs 11’. Here it goes…

BINGO! Obviously. Didn’t see that one coming did you? I remember when I was sixteen, it was cool to join the purple rinse set and do some Bingoing alongside them. There were great prizes up for grabs including raw meat or chicken, a teen dream.

Ah, yes. Old people activities. Bowling is much more popular now, with the local club offering ‘barefoot bowls’ to the youngin’s. Supposed to bring in the crowds. I once did indoor bowls at Palmy RSL, which was actually quite fun and a great wet weather option.

What else is on offer for the latter days? Well you have music, sing-a-longs, soft food and mints. I remember my grandparents house would always have cool mints stashed away at the back of the cupboard, with various types of biscuits and tea tea everywhere.

Look what we semi-youngin’s have to look forward to! Thank you elders for leading the way and working out some fun activities for us to do when our hairs turn white and our steps are slowed. Looking forward to many more legs 11’s.