Ok, now it’s time to get serious. Enough fluffing around. It is time my poor little blog found a home, a theme! I’m thinking of having one fluffy blog and the other more professional “I’m a writer, hear me tap!” (?), kinda thing.

I honestly didn’t think the ‘net would be so confusing. I think I’m over-thinking it. How do you get noticed on the www in a jungle of other people doing the same thing? How do you earn $ while doing something you love? I think I’m going to faint.

I’m sure you can read many blogs on how to blog but I guess it comes down to what you’re passionate about. Let’s see: writing (ta da), film/tv/theatre, kids issues (though is that a passion or just something I experience daily??), stories, current affairs, food (watched julie and julia last night = inspired). Any advice dear internetians?

It’s a bit of a rambling blog today. Just fishing for a theme, seeing what comes up.

Have a sunny day!