It is always a challenge as a writer not to verbally (?) vomit on your readers. Sorry readers for the visual.

You know the type of thing? Heavy, jargonised words with so much impressive complexity but little real meaning. Simplicity is beautiful. It is open to everyone. Anyone can read it and understand and breathe and sigh. It flows, it moves, it is basic and beautiful.

How difficult it can to be simple in this world. The business world uses jargon a-go-go (see karalyn’s blog To the outsider it looks like a foreign language and can be isolating. Religious jargon can also be difficult to understand, unless you know the language. Simplicity people! Think simple, write simple, be simple!

The simple things can be the most meaningful. So don’t try to sound smart or pious, just say what you mean and mean what you say! (I’m talking to myself here). I would love to relax in a bath of simple words! Float around for a while and enjoy the peace, the lack of complexity, just the simplicity.