Whale Beach

My town is fantastic. It is dreamlike, really. I live in two suburbs – Avalon and Whale Beach (or three if you count North Avalon). Almost everyone has a bent backyard; the most valuable land is flat.

Everyone either drives or walks depending on the time they have and their desire to get fit, because here you get fit when you walk. A walk to Whale Beach takes you up Whale Beach Road. And I mean UP! And then down, you get the picture.

The views at the top are inspiring. You look to the central coast across a panorama of ocean. The beautiful mansions nestle between original shacks in often in that same condition. It is amazing that they all haven’t been torn down.

On any given day Whale Beach Road will have a trail of tradies’ vans, utes and the occasional cement truck. It is a dynamic road, full of life. As you make your way down the hill, the ratio of shack to mansion changes. Big, perfect, seemingly lifeless houses cling onto the escarpment. You may well wonder, are these simply ‘weekenders’ or homes?

Finally you reach the beach road. A set of rickety old steps welcome you to THE Whale Beach. It is famous. Famous surfers surf, famous people sunbake, famous chefs make famous food. You get the glamours, the families, the tourists, the clubbies and the locals.

During the week, there is almost no one there. A garbage truck perhaps, a few scattered keen surfers and a handful of walker/talkers but that’s it. Silence, space.

Staring out to sea, the large coal ships seem insignificant. The air is shaper and you can actually enjoy a ‘moment’ away from the busyness of weekend activities.

This is living. There’s so much to see, so much to think about. For example, how is it that people can actually afford such houses with such views? And do they actually enjoy this view as much as I do? Are they around and how much time do they spend there?

I often feel undeserving of the view, the lifestyle, but honestly, who deserves such beauty? It is a strange, beautiful place. Simple yet busy and affluent. So, I feel thankful.