North Avalon

North Av, as us locals call it, is the place to be. It is real, unpretentious (comparatively speaking) and cruisy. It is small town northern beaches.

North Avalon sits on Bangalley Headland, it slides down to Barrenjoey Road and stops around Careel Head Road. It is small and fascinating. You feel secure, proud to be part of this unique place.

Everything is outdoors related. You will see families of bike riders heading to North Avalon beach to check the surf, high school kids ditching school to check the surf and mums and bubs heading to the same place, dreaming of the day when the little one will be here ditching school, checking the surf.

There are lycra clad women running, short short shorted men running, both with tiny white cords hanging from their ears. They look serious, perhaps with a touch of makeup and hair straightened, but seriously honing the art of toning.

There are the coffee snobs hanging out at the only North Avalon cafe. See the long term locals who have seen too much sun, their bronzed, dehydrated skin speaks of their love for where they live, the beach, the sand, anywhere outdoors. There is a certain North Avalon twang; part Queensland, part surfer. It is a slow paced language, revolving mostly around important things like swell and wind.

North Avalon is friendly. It is not quite as sophisticated or as affluent as Palmie, but perhaps that will change. It is relaxed, free; a happy place.