Avalon CBD

According to true locals, the face of Avalon has changed dramatically over the past ten years. For them, it has become more ‘Palm Beach’. The trendies from the Eastern suburbs have invaded and brought with them their love of good coffee and designer everything. In the past, Avalon was hippy central, long hair and bare feet were the order of the day. Now, you feel uncomfortable walking down the street in Kmart trackies and cheapo shoes.

That’s the down side. The up side is that Avalon has good food, good coffee, interesting shops and even more fascinating people. It’s a people stew; a little bit of tradie, a pinch of lower middle class, a cup of two income families, tourists, singles, weekenders, filthy richers and celebrities. It is a dynamic town, a unique place, almost an island joined to the mainland by the famous bends.

There is always something happening. You have the Avalon RSL which is a popular venue for mothers groups in the day and everyone else in the night. The library is awesome, modern and has a great range of books. The supermarket is a bit ‘how’s your father’ with narrow aisles and limited range. There are delis, organic fruit shops (of course), bakeries by the dozen (almost), chicken shops, pizzerias (Go Luckies!!!) and even a cinema.

Parks, beaches, mansions and great weather. Oh Avalon, you spoil us. But like any town in Australia, we too have our delinquents. Oh drunken teenagers, go home and read a book! These are particularly interesting because the majority of them are richy, spoilt kids who are bored… BORED!?!? Oh dear me! Find a cave, tell ghost stories, rent a movie, hang out on a verandah in the balmy seaside air. I have little patience for these Avalonians.

On the whole, my CBD caters for all types. Whether you want a quick pie and Coke, a full on five star meal, or a movie. It is really an fascinating place to see, so drop by sometime.