Palm Beach

This part of my home town has many moods. On weekdays, she is sunny, carefree and spirited. But on weekends, like so many young girls, she flirts, cakes on the makeup and heads uptown!

Palmy has a long sweeping beach with priceless views; that’s how the real estate agents put it. But it’s true. No wonder television people have made it THE place to film in. Palmy boasts locations for Home and Away, The Biggest Loser and various other tv/film related stuff. There is enough room for crews, tourists and locals to do their thing.

Palm Beach is both aloof and cheeky. This skinny part of the peninsula has a golf course, one park and access to both beach and the calmer Pittwater waterway. Food is a must around here. From kiosk to fancy pants restaurants, you are covered! Our favourite is Dunes Restaurant, no beach view but a restaurant/kiosk combo catering for all comers. It has yummy coffee and delicious food served from restaurant kitchen to the plebs through the kiosk at a fraction of normal kitchen prices!!! And no, I don’t work for Dunes.

There are many options for the fitness freaks – take a walk on the historic side and hike up to Barrenjoey lighthouse, or tackle the towering sand dunes, perhaps hire a canoe and explore the hidden beaches of Pittwater. Run, dart, hide, skip, roll, swim. Play some cricket on Australia Day, feel at home with the la-de-das in the local cafe scene and you may catch a glimpse of a big time celebrity with dark glasses and lowered cap (yes, Nicole, we mean you!).

Palmy is a laugh and a half. You cannot take it seriously. Many try but fail. Turning up to a beach in your designer wear is a bit silly, people. It’s only a beach!

It is a trek, being at the very end of Northern Sydney. But so worth it! If you want to get the most out of Palmy she is at her best on weekdays, sans crowds. It is then that she kicks of her designer ware and puts on her muumuu and sandals and takes the time to talk.

Palmy on a weekday