It’s all about simplicity. I love big words, but only when I can understand them. I can’t handle reading jargon. When people are trying to sound official or businessy or sophisticated it makes me feel stupid and out of the ‘cool’ crowd; alienating.

Poetic words are beautiful when they paint a picture. I like to play with poetic words, but not being a poet, it often sounds forced or ‘wanky’. In times like these, I think it’s best just to keep the colourful words to myself.

Looooong sentences make me yawn. The only person who can pull off rambling sentences is John Irving. He makes words sound like smooth, melted chocolate. He is a master craftsman.

Too many commas, dashes etc and my eyes glaze over. I love the way sentences are used to pace fiction. They are deliberately built to bring another dimension to the story and most people don’t even notice.

Spelling! We need to hold on to correct spelling. Choose whether you are English or American and off you go. Care about our words, keep them pure. On my trips around the internet, so many people still don’t know the difference between your and you’re (‘you are’ abbreviation). If you’re not sure, google,, it!!!

Experimentation and play. I love knowing (ish) word rules and then breaking them. Blogs are a classic example. When blogging, slang is used to give your writing a voice. It is a new genre where punctuation is less important and simple storytelling is essential. Less IS more here because, really, who wants to be staring at a computer screen longer than you need to?

On that note, let me leave you with this, to write right is to care about what you write. Whether it be a report, a newsletter or a status update. Long live the written word!