Today I bought a domain name. It is an exciting step on the road to blog-business success. (I hope!). I like the fact that there are writers out there who had no idea what they were doing when they first started but are cracking it now!

So, I do declare that anything is possible with my small, measly technical skills but hip happening passion for the written word. Oh and the exciting thing about the net is that you already have an audience, you just have to find it.

I would love to do business blogs, communicating with customers regularly, perhaps with a hint of fun, a little bit of humour? So this is the beginning of my blog/net/newsletter/copy writing business. It may succeed, it may fail, but people, if we don’t “fly by the seat of our pants” our pants may stick to the seat. Hmmm that’s a stretch.

Anyway, let us crack the champagne bottle on the bow of this boat called and see how she sails. (I laugh at my poor attempt at the poetic).

Haul the anchor, set the sails and float damn you, float into the sunrise over kind and tranquil waves to adventures in far off lands, to snow, desert islands and peoples of all languages, cultures and toileting habits.