People are funny. When it comes to advertising food products, we all get sucked in. Take The Biggest Loser, for example. This show is all about losing weight. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched the show eating junk food. And I’m not alone in this. It is the power of suggestion.

Look at ads for junk food. The Colonel’s describes his chicken as:

“…mouth-watering Original Recipe…Freshly delivered juicy chicken pieces… for that irresistible golden coating and unmistakable taste.” (

Juicy, irresistible, fresh, mouth-watering, succulent, crispy, delicious are eatable words are they not? They are used to describe a range of food products from the overtly processed, deep-fried rubbish to finer foods. It starts our tummy engine over-revving. We can’t get enough. At the end of a night’s TV viewing you can be ravenous even though you’ve had your fair share of dinner, dessert and afters!

Words can make us hungry, advertisers know that all too well. Look at when ads are scheduled on tv- pizza ads at dinner time, sweets a bit later. Oh and look at the shows that help adverstise food products: Masterchef, My Kitchen Rules, Better Homes and Gardens. It seems that we are all driven by our stomachs.

Wine, soft drink, beer ads, all telling us, luring us to consume more! Gluttony is alive. It is amazing that even when you have your eyes open wide and you know what they are doing, you get sucked in every time.

Ah, the power of suggestion. Bring on smell-o-vision and then we’ll have no chance.

Succulent Scampi