The origins of blogging

According to, blog is a colloquial term used when describing a web-log. A web-log is “an online journal or newsletter that is updated frequently and is posted on a website..”

Social networking and blogs baffle the average person. Even cluey high ranking business people have no idea what they are really about. Or more importantly the power of the blog; this is networking on steroids baby!

For most in the blogosphere, their blog is a space for them to share their thoughts, feelings, art and opinions on whatever is on their mind. Blogs get interesting, however, when you realise that for many people, this is their career.

Now, I know this shouldn’t be difficult to understand but how exactly do people make a living out of an online journal? First, they have something to say. Second, they know a little about SEOs (Search Engine Optimization). You have to learn how to get people to look at your page and you do this through strategic words! This is where it gets a little fuzzy for me as a trainee blogger.

It is all about the search engine. What are people searching for, what do they want to know? Find a place in the world wide market and slot yourself in and there is your career.

It is all about retaining readers as well. That means having interesting content, for example, photos, tips, stories and video clips. There is a blog ( that is all about trivia for example, his latest entry is “Some Palm Trees Can Survive Freezing Winters”. Why, you ask? That’s why you read on. He has loads of answers to everyday questions that may or may not pop into your head. The best thing for this writer is that he has an endless supply of material.

The hardest part of this is finding a focus, having enough stuff to talk about and getting the time and the resources to do it well.

Blogging of yore