Scary, scary boo stuff. Ooogaaah booogah in the middle of the night stuff. When we were kids it was the monster in the closet or the boogieman (had a bad cold). There is a part of us that strangely loves being frightened. We pay big dollars to sit on some seriously scary rides, our stomachs clenched and our eyes pop open with fear.

But then your body is swamped with adrenaline which makes it all worthwhile. It is the drama of it, the adventure, you feel alive. There is a difference, however, between choosing the ride at the local fun park and making decisions that could effect the rest of your life.

The fear you feel before that BIG interview. Your head spins, while your stomach does cartwheels. The mind is racing, questions, answers mix together, all you see in your mind’s eye is a flatline. Beeeeeeep! This fear is not fun, exciting or adventurous, it is just hum drum run of the mill, everyday fear.

You can be afraid of the big ‘what-ifs’. These are usually fueled by the news. Death, disaster, disease, dogs, deluge and drunk drivers. Do not go out of your house. Lock up your daughters and make sure everything around you is under control. It is suffocating fear that makes you believe that everyone is out to get you. It is based on a tiny percentage of reality that will probably never touch you.

Fear of failure, fear of other opinions, fear of who you really are, fear of humiliation, fear of animals and spiders and mean people and conflict and feet and heights and aliens and missing out and falling branches and storms and strange people and being alone can stop us becoming who we were meant to be.

Fear limits our life and makes us small when we were created to be more! Life is an adventure, it is scary, nothing can change that. Embrace the fear and do it AFRAID!