Today I taught Kindergarten kids how to read. It was manic. I had to dart between the confident kids who think “this is easy” to the slower, more needy children.

There was one particular kid who didn’t have it in him to try today. You could tell just by looking at him, that today was not his day to learn. He just didn’t believe he could do it. And it was stuff I knew he could do. When the bell rang, he had done nothing on this particular exercise and he started to cry.

This kid needed  the ‘con’ in confidence. That is, fake it ’til you make it. You have to try, to risk failure in order to learn. It just takes the smallest amount of self-belief to get you going. And when you fall down, you get up again, suck it up and off you go.

The world of kids is truly a miniature ‘adult’ world. They have their politics, the social ladder, successes and failures, authority and play. Their insecurities mirror our own and much can be learned from their experiences. To adults, the problems kids have seem tiny and the answers, simple. It’s all about experimenting, having patience and focus. And believing that confidence comes through trying and risking failure.

Ah the things we learn from the mini world of kids. Simplicity is the key.