I think the key to a happy life is simplicity. As I get older, this seems more and more true. Most of the causes of relationship breakdown happen because of terrible communication skills.

Misunderstandings, assumptions (remember the ‘ass’ rhyme?),
insecurities and more!! Some people like to sweep things under oriental rugs and others like to shake all the dust free, sending it whirling in the air like a tornado. Bring together sweeper and a shaker and you’ve got trouble, brother.


If only people would cling to the idea of simplicity. Then the sweepers would be brave enough to face their misunderstandings and conflicts face on and the shakers would settle down and pace themselves. Most domestic issues are due to old, mouldy habits of bad, bad communication.

Many people simply will not change their minds about others and so their relationships crack and disintegrate. Simplicity demands open minds and hearts. It means that people can change and that things are not always what they seem to be on the surface.

Simplicity requires self-awareness and discipline. For the shakers you have to bring out your sensitivity and slow down. And for the sweepers you must dig for the truth and the truth, as they say, will set you free

Don’t muddy your relationships. Sieve out the crap and you will be left with a crystal, clear, healthy fountain of communication. Ha! Love the visual!