Rooms that go to the roofI keep having a dream about an old two-storey house. It’s white and has lots of rooms. Last dream, it had four baths!!! And they were all long and deep, just how I like them.

I walk through this house and it feels a little strange but right, you know? New things take time to become homey. The rooms feel heavy with stories, from the past and the future. It seems like a strong house that will hold all the dramas of life and not fall down.

The maze of rooms has me fascinated. Like I MUST find out where they go and how the house is set up. I never have a complete floor plan in my mind. The second time I dreamed about this house, a friend of mine was selling it for $700,000 at Collaroy, so I had to choose whether I wanted to stay in Av in a small house or move to Collaroy and live in this old, big, historical, four bath house with white shutters.

One of the four

It is one of those dreams or series of dreams that haunts me. I want to know what I chose in the dream. I want to know what it means, if anything. It was a beautiful old house. And where on planet earth, would I find $700 000?

Curiouser and curiouser!