I feel like my life is stalking me. It seems every few days, I run into someone I haven’t seen in years. Strangely, they have been popping back into my life recently.


Yesterday, it was two people. One, who is my friend’s best friend, is in the same swimming class as my daughter and the other is a friend of a friend who I haven’t seen for ten years.

Then, there is the lady who I went to school with in Newcastle, twenty odd years ago. She now lives around the corner from me. She has one child in kindergarten with my little man and the other, a daughter called Halle, same as me.

And then there is the guy who I grew up with twenty-five years ago in Lismore. He has moved to my town with his family. He lives up the hill from me and for a time, our boys were friends. Our parents also grew up together.

I feel the net closing in as my life flashes before my eyes. There’s a Wollongong connection, Lismore, Newcastle, Sydney-siders floating by. The old and the new are mixing and becoming a new present. I’m standing confused, like a scene in a movie where everyone else is moving and the protagonist is standing stock still. The camera does a ‘rotate and enhance’, my eyes stare straight ahead. It is mesmerizing.

I feel like there should be a divine meaning in all of this. But, really, I just think, who wouldn’t want to live here? Paradise, some might say. Life is a fascinating ride. It truly is “the circle of life”.

Hakuna Matata