Dogs look like their owners, do houses?

Why can’t we put our elbows on the table?

Does sleeping really make you more beautiful?

Why can’t ads be truthful or do we enjoy denial?

Why do men grow beards?

Why do women grow beards?

Why are wrinkles undesirable?

What happened to the flying cars?

Does the Queen really wear a wig? (No hair is THAT perfect)

What’s with all the vampire movies?

Why do boys love guns?

Why don’t we swim between the flags or cross at the zebra crossing?

Why are there no rooms for the homeless?

What is with laughter therapy?

Why is my fridge so LOUD?

Why do puppies have to grow up?

Why are some children dressed like young adults?

Why did Edward Scissorhands choose scissors?

Will we ever be able to time travel?

Do you have to wear tights with boots?

What exactly does the yellow light mean in traffic lights?

How many biscuits are too many?

Did they really go to the moon?

What is with modern art?

Why didn’t Darth Vader recognise C3PO when they met again?

How many stories are there?

Why are there stars?

Why do low-fat products taste like cardboard?

How will I end this blog?

Further fuzzy ponderings