Alm comes from the trees

My daughter has made up a shop called ‘Alm comes from the trees’, this is also a man. The next day she asked her father and brother if they wanted to play ‘Koala ventress’ on the trampoline. Her ‘My Little Pony’ is called ‘Grass’. Talk about creative. Her ideas are limitless. They don’t make sense; they don’t have to, she is three!

Oh to have that freedom and go crazy with ideas. I love that. I love when you get a taste of crazy creativity. It may seem pathetic in the morning but you have to risk being lame to find the truly magical ideas. I love when filmmakers do that.  I love films like Big Fish, Amelie, Juno, Sherlock Holmes and Stranger than Fiction. They open up conventions and put a really interesting twist on stories, making them rich and enduring.

I must confess to a slight obsession with ‘Rom-Coms’ but they rarely satisfy. My toes curl and blood pumps when I watch a film that is out of this world amazing, startling and beautiful. Some go too far, trying to be too cool. I’m sorry Coen brothers, that was you with Burn After Reading.

Give me smart, sassy television (Gilmore Girls, 30 Rock, Arrested Development) over blood and guts, murder, same old, same old formula rehashed for the umpteenth time. To create a story, film, show that has depth, humour and creativity is the ultimate in my book. Not just to be cool but to be ‘Alm comes from the trees’ creative.

My lass just may be the next Coen, Sherman-Palladino, Hurwitz! No pressure lady-hands.