I was immediately disturbed when The Pursuit of Happyness was released. I wondered how they could get the spelling so wrong. Was it the American language gone mad? What was to become of a world that could not spell a movie title properly? Surely it must have gone through many hands before its release.

And then I watched the film. Ah, yes, a deliberate misspelling of course! I must admit to having a critic’s eye when it comes to spelling / grammar mistakes. I’m not perfect in that, so I guess that makes me a grammatical hypocrite. I can excuse spelling mistakes when the writer is using them to make a point.

The modern way is to make things look cool, streetwise and rebellious. For example, names: Khloei (Chloe), Alysin (Alison), Jaxon (Jackson), Nikkolas (Nicholas). Email and texting has given us a whole new ‘cool’ language. So cool in fact that if you don’t know it, you’re old. That’s me kids!!What will we be left with? Signs? Will we just go back to the caveman days where people communicated by scratching pictures on walls? Oooo, full circle, I love it!

Perhaps not. Language should be rich and simple. Accessible to all; even the oldies.
I love breaking conventions, but when it’s for no good reason, then it’s just self-serving and that’s not what words are about. They should give and teach and inspire and inform.

So, to The Pursuit of Happyness, I tip my hat, a job well done.

*Note: Please excuse the dodgy page set up; my photos were being naughty.