Battle-lio. Furrowed brows, heels dug deep into the  floorboards. Hair standing on end, muscles clenched and teeth grinding. Tears, lots of tears, wailing and crowing. Battle lines are drawn, it is war!

The reason? An apple. The opponents? A mother and her daughter. Sound familiar? So much crying, so little eating. The solution comes in the form of surrender; hands in the air! This time from the older of the two. Mumma surrenders, gives up, retreats. After three days of fighting the apple-related battle, things have been weighed up and a ridiculous tension has set in.

Time to call it quits. Pick the battle mumma, pick the battle. It’s not because she cried but how much she cried; like her little heart was being torn apart. Toys were confiscated, sweets were withheld but still she cried. The pain, the heartache, time to choose the battles mumma.

Trial and error, much error. The tide has turned. Peace has returned to the house. The apple still makes an appearance, only later in the day and everyone is happy. Light feet pad over the old heel holes. There are smiles, cuddles and lots and lots of toys returned.

An apple, a battle and a surrendering mother. Not ashamed or defeated, just a little older, a little wiser, and ever loving her little girl.