Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being manipulated? Not just you but your whole family? For example, do you really need a highly processed base mix to cook a meal in the slow cooker? Surely the crushed tomatoes, stock, a bit of garlic and seasoning will do it?

And fashion. How did we all get sucked in? Every year it is different, which means that they can make more money by simply changing styles. Shoulder pads are out, high panter jeans are in, so recycle those old hippy hipsters and invest in some ridiculous looking pants that will last you a season or two if you’re lucky. Why do we do it to ourselves? And who has been chosen to make these executive decisions for the world?

Then there is global warming which is, I admit, based on some accurate information. But how much is true? Is it just another scare-mongering thing to get us investing in new sustainable stuff? Sure, it is for the good of the world but the cash registers of some companies must be ringing off the hook. It’s all about cashing in on the latest world crisis.

Did you notice at the start of this year that people were thrown into a tiz over the cost of televisions that we were told were going to rise almost immediately? The opposite has happened. So many people were panicked into buying new televisions before the fabled ‘price rise’. Was it a myth, a mistake or a lie?

There was Y2K, terrorism, the global financial crisis; the world as we knew it was going to end so we were told to stock up on more stuff. Now McDonalds has a salad menu to make us think they’re goodies (I love you maccas) and there is now sugarless lemonade with fake overprocessed sweeteners that will do who knows what to our poor old bodies. And do not tell me that mobile phones do not cause cancer! Dude! How stupid do you think we are?

People of the world, let us reclaim our brains. Let’s use our noggins to make better choices that are OURS. Let us stop believing the lies that we need more stuff, instead let’s buy what we need and focus on crises that are desperate for our attention, ie thousands of people dying everyday because they don’t have enough to eat, or sick with curable diseases. Let’s grab that issue and make it cool!!

Rant over!